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The Cabana by Schildr

Motorised Louvered Roof Pergola


A motorised louvered roof system at a touch of a button. Our aluminium constructed pergola offers a great solution either open sided or with a combination of windows and doors to suit your needs. Options include insulation to the louvers, a wide range of doors, fixed glazing or even privacy screens.

Free standing or wall mounted Single, double glazing or solar low E glass Multiple door & window options Residential and commercial


The Cabana is made from a heavy gauge aluminium making it robust and durable. Similarly, the louvered roof has been designed and manufactured to withstand the harshest of winters with a wind resistance up to 80 mph and bearing up to 440 pounds of snow per square meter.

Cabana - high quality heavy gauge aluminium - by Amazing Space Concepts
Cabana - remote controlled louvered roof - by Amazing Space Concepts

Louvered Roof

The remote controlled louvered roof interacts seamlessly helping you achieve comfort in changing weather conditions. With the rotational opening of up to 115 degrees you can adjust the louvers to your liking. Create an agreeable light breeze or block out the direct sunlight. When fully closed, they provide protection from the rain, while the rainwater runs off into built-in downpipes.

Door and Window Options

Multiple door and window systems available to suit your needs including, lift and slide, guillotine, privacy screens and slide door rail track. For all year round use we offer thermal break systems and extra insulation to provide protection against all weather conditions.

 Cabana - Door and Window Options - by Amazing Space Concepts

Guillotine Compact Windows

Motorised and remote-controlled vertical sliding glass sash window suitable for residential and commercial projects. The insulated guillotine windows are manufactured with heat installed profiles and double glazing. The panels can be stacked downwards creating a glass balustrade when fully open or upwards creating a walkway.

Sliding Privacy Doors

An alternative to glass doors is our Zion sliding louvered doors which look fabulous on the Cabana. Constructed from aluminium, and available in a variety of colours, they look striking and are a stylish option to allow privacy when closed.

Cabana - Sliding Privacy Doors - by Amazing Space Concepts
Cabana - Hidden built in drainage - by Amazing Space Concepts

Hidden Drainage

Cleverly designed downpipes with built in drainage creating a clean, minimal design. We can also design custom cut drainage in the surrounding porcelain tiles creating a stunning unique look.
Cabana - Extend your living space by Amazing Space Concepts
Cabana - Extend your living space by Amazing Space Concepts
High Quality Glass Verandas, Extend your living space by Amazing Space Concepts

Forte Sunscreens

The remote-controlled sunscreen compliments your space by adding functionality and provides protection against sun, heat, wind, rain and insects. The sunscreens can be used on their own or can be used in conjunction with glass windows / doors.

Cabana - Aliminium Roof Panels by Amazing Space Concepts

Insulation Panels

Roof panels are sealed against the weather and can come with the option of insulated panels to help keep the temperature always stable.

High Quality Glass Verandas, Extend your living space by Amazing Space Concepts

Radiant Heating

Heatscope radiant electric heaters are a sleeker version of the conventional infrared heater, giving you a warm inviting ambience plus piece of mind knowing you’ve chosen an energy smart and eco-friendly option. View Range


A range of colours available and wood effect finish for the aluminium frame. The colours resists chalking, fading, chemical abrasion and weathering.

High Quality Glass Verandas, Extend your living space by Amazing Space Concepts

Why a Cabana

The Cabana is an eye-catching, high end, aluminium pergola with a motorised louvered roof. With the option of insulated louvers and window / door combinations the Cabana can offer outstanding comfort in the cold and hot seasons. The modular system gives you the freedom to create an ideal living space which suits your needs. Using only high-quality materials with cutting edge technology guaranteeing quality, safety and style.

Cabana - Remote control by Amazing Space Concepts

Remote control

Cabana - Flexible features that adapt to all weather by Amazing Space Concepts

Flexible features that adapt to all weathers

Cabana - 10 year warranty included as standard by Amazing Space Concepts

5 year warranty included as standard

Cabana - ully custom built to your needs by Amazing Space Concepts

Fully custom built to your needs

Cabana - Fire retardant by Amazing Space Concepts

Fire retardant

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