GL019 SQ - 1W Square Mini LED Ground Light

Colour: Brushed Metal
Colour Temperature: 3000k
Beam Angle: 20 Degrees
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Manual Mode
The heater will be hardwired to your fuse box. To turn the appliance on and off you will need to install a dual isolation switch (not included).

IR Remote Control
Control HEATSCOPE® heaters with the infrared Remote Control. Switch on and off, and change power levels of your heaters.

Dual WiFi Smart Switch
It is installed inline between the fuse box and the HEATSCOPE® heater, and it allows the appliance to receive commands via a smartphone.

SmartBox Black
Mount this SmartBox control unit between power supply and your heater. Switch ON and OFF, and regulate power level with the included IR Remote.


Discreet yet powerful, this 1W LED powered ground light is perfect for decking areas, entrance halls and pathways. Indoors or out, the IP68 marine grade stainless steel unit will give a flawless performance for many years of maintenance-free operation. Available in six ambient LED colours, the GL019 is the most popular ground light in the Collingwood range.

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Additional Extras

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Mouting Accessories

100mm, 300mm and 500mm extenstion rods, extend the reach of your HEATSCOPE® heaters on high ceiling installations. Available in matching colours black and white.

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Wireless Zigbee Switch

With a mini portable remote control that can be placed strategically for quick and easy operation of your heater. Use the app to set up actions around the home or commercial.

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Zigbee Motion Sensor

Smart device that can be placed anywhere in your home or commercial space to detect motion. For restaurants you can trigger a bank of HEATSCOPE® heaters (or series of appliances).

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Weathershield 3

The HEATSCOPE® weather shield is designed to protect the HEATSCOPE® heater from the elements in installations where no covering is possible.

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