LEDLINE 400 45 - 45˚ LED Wall Washing Light Bar

Colour: Black
Wattage: 3000k
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The LEDLINE range is ideal for creating an array of unique lighting effects, whether you’re adding grandeur to buildings, highlighting intricate architectural features or drawing guests to an entrance. The 200mm version adds more flexibility to the range - providing the option to install the LEDLINE in narrower spaces and more complex structures. With a wide 110° beam angle, the LEDLINE MAINS 200 110° is perfect for when you need a low level wall wash. Install with the UL Bracket to angle the light for an even wider variety of effects. By using existing mains cables, the built in mains driver ensures that installation quicker and easier than ever. With an IP65 rating, robust cable and 7-year extended warranty, you can rest assured that the LEDLINE range will stand the test of time.