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The Avant Garde by Schildr

Remote Controlled Retractable Roof Pergola


The Avant Garde is a high end motorised retractable pergola, perfect to extend your time outside. If it starts to rain no need to move the party inside, simply close the automated roof & block out the rain. Need shelter from the sun, shut the roof at the touch of a button and sit in the shade. Glass windows and doors can be added to enclose the space if you require.

Retractable roof Free standing or wall mounted Open or closed sides Residential or commercial


Made from rigid aluminium the Avant Garde structure has been manufactured to ensure lightness and strength at an optimum. The roof is made from a highly durable vinal-like material ensuring high quality and aesthetically pleasing.


The Avant Garde comes with the option of built in dimmable LED lights or tube lighting. We also recommend heating your space with Heatscope radiant heaters to create a warm inviting ambience to enjoy with friends and family.

Remote Controlled Retractable Roof

The retractable roof provides permanent rain and sun protection with the option of retracting the roof at a touch of a button. The roof material supplied by Serge Ferrari, is highly durable, waterproof and fire resistant and provides protection from UV light and aids thermal comfort. The maintenance-free material comes in many colour choices.

Sun Screens

The vinyl-coated polyester sun screens are remote-controlled and compliment your space by adding functionality and provides protection against sun, heat, wind, rain and insects. The sunscreens can be used on their own or can be used in conjunction with glass windows/ doors. The sunscreen fabric is mildew resistant and heat sealable.

Hidden Drainage

The aluminium structure cleverly hides the built in drainage system in the posts, giving a stylish and modern look. It has been manufactured to withstand heavy rain drainage effectively.

The Avant Garde, Extend your living space by Amazing Space Concepts
The Avant Garde, Extend your living space by Amazing Space Concepts

Why a Avant Garde

The Avant Garde with its retractable roof provides permanent rain and sun protection without permanent roofing. It is easy to install and perfectly matches the flow of your current framework. For a larger space limitless sections can be combined to provide a large watertight space. The Avant Garde is a perfect addition for patios, decks, verandas, terraces, restaurants, cafes. The system can also work as a free-standing structure enabling you to add covered space for your home or restaurant’s outdoor space.


Remote control


Flexible features that adapt to all weathers

Cabana - 10 year warranty included as standard by Amazing Space Concepts

5 year warranty included as standard


Fully custom built to your needs


Ceiling fabric fireproof membrane

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