Solarlux Wintergardens are a High Performance Modern Architectural Concept

Whether you’re looking for the best possible protection from the elements or simply want to be able to enjoy the outdoors more, Amazing Space and Solarlux are on hand to make your dreams a reality – with certified quality and compliance with the applicable regulations guaranteed!

Elegant, Refined and unrivalled quality.

Transform your home with a bespoke Solarlux Wintergarden, an epitome of architectural elegance and ingenuity. These exquisite glass extensions are tailored to your unique vision, offering an unparalleled opportunity to craft a space that's truly one-of-a-kind. Imagine a realm where your creativity knows no bounds - that's the promise of a Solarlux Wintergarden.

Every detail, from the smallest bolt to the grandest rafters, undergoes meticulous engineering and crafting at Solarlux's state-of-the-art facility in Melle, Germany. This precision guarantees an impeccable, high-quality extension that seamlessly blends with your home.

A Solarlux Wintergarden is not just an addition to your house; it's a transformation of your living experience. Bathed in natural light, these glass extensions offer a panoramic view of the outdoors, creating a serene and uplifting environment. The integration of top-tier materials, diverse canopy shapes, customizable door options, and a spectrum of colors and materials, combined with expertly engineered functionality, sets Solarlux Wintergardens apart as a symbol of luxury and sophistication.

Akzent Plus Wintergaden Glazed Extension at Dusk
Winergardens are Beautifully designed spaces
Akzent Plus Wintergaden Glazed Extension Daytime
Maximise Views to Your Garden with a wintergarden extension
Clean Lines enhance the conections between indoors and outdoors
Inside a Wintergarden

Why should I consider a Wintergarden?

  • A Wintergarden is more than just a glazed roof structure – it's a versatile extension that seamlessly enhances your living or commercial space. Here's why it's a game-changer:
  • Year-Round Comfort: With thermal insulation and security features, your Wintergarden stays cozy in all seasons. No need for internal doors; it's a natural extension of your space.
  • Tailored to You: Get a bespoke, energy-efficient design that complements your home or commercial property's style.
  • Perfect Climate: Customise ventilation, heating, lighting, and automation to create the ideal atmosphere inside your Wintergarden.
  • Embrace the Outdoors: Watch the seasons change in comfort, and in warmer months, open up your space to connect with the great outdoors.
  • Sustainable Luxury: Crafted from high-quality, low-maintenance aluminum or sustainable wood, available in a range of stylish colours.
  • Elevate your living or working space with a Wintergarden – where comfort, style, and sustainability come together seamlessly!
  • In our opinion, Solarlux are the only company that offer a truly viable Wintergarden option in the UK.

The product range

— Avalis —

Multi Award Winning
Purist Cube Design
Thermally inuslated wooden roof
Maximise Views

— Akzent Plus & Vision —

Double Or Triple Glazed
Multiple Options

— Nobiles —

Charecteristic Sleek Look
Slender Rafter Design
Multiple options

— Avantgarde —

Warm and Homely
Exterior Aluminium
Interior Real Wood
Limitless shapes and Colours

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