Solarlux Avantgarde

The Solarlux SDL Avantgarde Wintergarden System is a thermally insulated wood/aluminium profile system with its structural members located on the inside. This type of construction makes a variety of designs possible without being limited to standard types.

Real Wood Inside & Aluminium Outside gives the Avantgarde its unique characteristics

Multi Laminated Wood Rafters with rear ventilated Aluminium Covers. Option to add spot lights.

Wall Joint is Wood inside and Aluminium weather seal. Made Fully bespoke to structural and technical requirements.

A World of Different Finishes.

Five-layer or multi-layer laminated wooden panel as the base for the roof.

· No susceptibility to failure in the sealing level/ insulation

· Thermal insulation above the load-bearing level

· Load-bearing structure not vulnerable to condensation

· Ceiling panel is considered vapour diffusion-tight

· Pleasant indoor climate

· Short construction time, fast installation


Perfect Doors to match

The Solarlux Combiline door system is the perfect marriage as it is dual finish just like the Avantgarde roof system. You can have real wood on the inside and Aluminium on the outside.


Product Details

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