SwimLife™ SwimFit 14FT

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The only pool you can swim in constantly with no turning and no stopping. Creating perfect smooth swimming conditions all year round!

The SwimFit™ swim spa is ideal for families and swimming lovers alike. Designed to offer the ultimate benefits of a swim spa; you will never have to turn, push yourself off the side or touch the walls. The adjustable current offers you the optimal swimming conditions suitable for all fitness levels. Features include a non-slip base are ideal for aqua fitness too. Included with every model is a Jacuzzi® Aqua Fitness Exercise Kit, giving you the opportunity to create a series of circuits that promote both aerobic and resistance exercises. It's also a safe environment to teach your children how to swim.

For those who want to use the SwimFit 14ft to relax, two ergonomically designed hydrotherapy seats feature powerful jets. Delivering the perfect mixture of air and water to give a balance of deep and soft tissue massage across a number of different muscle groups.